Occlusal Adjustment

Occlusal Adjustment

Occlusal is the right alignment of the upper and the lower jaws. This procedure is performed to remove the gaps can prevent the jaw from closing in its anatomically correct position. The gaps or teeth misalignment can develop in children in their growing years when they develop teeth or caused by an accident. Dental procedures like fillings, dental crowns, bridging, and tooth extractions can also cause dental gaps or misalignments.

Such interferences can prevent the jaw from aligning into its anatomically correct position. There are various reasons involved, one of them is the muscles of the jaw and neck are never fully relaxed. It may cause to develop bruxism, or excessive teeth grinding which is usually developed due to stress. This may result in severe headaches and neck pains as well. Bruxism can cause bone loss, tooth loss, and receding gums.  Over time, you may develop temporomandibular joint pain, or TMJ, if not treated before it worsens.

How can I know if my alignment is “off”?

During your examination, we have a closer look at your jaw structure and alignment and if we notice some symptoms of misalignment then you may suffer from malocclusion.  Some symptoms include uneven jaw structure, jaw makes a clicking noise when you open, the enamel has been ground away in certain areas, or fractured teeth.  Chronic symptoms of bruxism, headaches or neck pains, are also some of the reasons why your jaw alignment may be off.

How is my bite fixed?

Before the procedure begins, we will have you bite on a very thin piece of mylar paper. The mylar paper transfers color to the areas where contact occurs. We’ll then smoothen the area where the marks have been left removing just enough of the tooth or restoration to eliminate the interference.  This process will be done on all areas where the mylar paper has left colour on your tooth until the jaw is able to get into its normal position.

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