Bonding and White Fillings


At Island Park Dental, one of the top dentists in Westboro, Ottawa has helped many patients improve their smile with dental bonding & white filing procedures. Bonding is one of the easiest and quickest solutions to repair damaged teeth. The procedure can be done in just one sitting. Dental bonding procedure uses a plastic composite resin, which hardens after it is exposed to UV light. We specialize in fixing chipped teeth, close spaces and rectifying the shape of the tooth. We perform a cosmetic treatment so the dental bonding composite filling matches your tooth colour perfectly.

Your bonding will be completed in a single visit. Dr. Rai will apply a mild cleanser to your tooth; the cleanser roughens your tooth so that the resin will adhere firmly. A resin that best matches your tooth colour is chosen and applied in layers to your tooth. Once the resin settled, your tooth is exposed with a blue UV light which helps harden the resin. As the final step, Dr. Rai shapes and polishes the resin and ensures it matches your tooth colour, so it looks natural.

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